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About Us

Welcome to our online store where you can learn the subtle secrets to a pretty face!

" Discover the beauty of big beautiful eyes " 


IWANTCUTE is an online retailer distributing authentic GEO cosmetic coloured contact lenses worldwide.

Established in November 2008, we continue to offer efficient customer service and low prices for our products.

We aim to expand our beauty product range in the near future and provide customers with a delightful and happy experience when shopping with us at iwantcute.com.

We hold monthly batch pre-orders where customers are able to take advantage of batch promotions (i.e. 3 for 2 on all lenses) that are ordered as part of the batch. This will also allow customers to order any out of stock lenses or lenses that are specific to their prescription requirements.

Our products are sold worldwide and prove to be popular. The contact lenses are 100% authentic, imported directly from GEO Medical Co.,Ltd -  for more information on these lenses please visit their website.



We DO NOT and are NOT ALLOWED to prescribe these lenses to you. 
Before purchasing contact lenses from this site, make sure you have had a contact lens fitting test by an optometrist

Only your optometrist can prescribe contact lenses for you

They will ensure whether you are suitable to wear contact lenses or not. Your optometrist will make sure your eyes are healthy and your vision is adequate. You can then be fitted for contact lenses if your eyes are free of problems. A prescription (different from eyeglasses prescription) will also be issued to you.

We are not liable for any problems that arise from wearing these contact lenses if you have not been prescribed by a registered optometrist.


For more information please visit: Read BEFORE Purchase