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Batch Pre-Order Guide

 What is a Batch Pre-Order and how does it work?

We stock PLANO lenses (0.00 lenses without prescription) and have them for sale at our website iwantcute.com.
We do not stock prescription lenses because customer's prescription varies considerably from -0.50 to -10.00 so we tend not to stock every single prescription degree as ready stock. Plano lenses can be worn by anyone (with or without the need of eye sight correction).
For that reason, if a customer wants to order a pair of prescribed lenses that are specific to their eye sight, we will have to place a 'batch pre-order' for them.


We hold montly batch pre-orders for several reasons:

  • To replenish our ready stock lenses for sale online.

  • To order and stock any newly released lens models developed by GEO manufacturer.

  • For customers to order any out-of-stock lenses or prescription lenses that are not currently available from our website.

  • For Wholesalers/Resellers that are registered with us to distribute these lenses or to use for their own personal use.

What are the benefits for pre-ordering in batches?

All our batches include promotional offers, which may vary from batch to batch.
This means if you buy more, you can save more per pair of lenses altogether.
Wholesalers enjoy low wholesale prices for a minimum of 20 pair order quantity.

Amongst the benefits of pre-ordering, there is one condition to acknowledge, which is the waiting time for the arrival of lenses.
Our batches are open for a maximum time of 30 days. This is so that customers have that allocated time to make their orders and payments for the current batch. These orders are collected into one batch and sent off to the manfacturer who accepts the minimum order quantity from us for 100 pairs. Even if we do not reach the capping of 100 pairs for the batch from our customers, we order the remaining quantity for ready stock to reach the required order amount. We will not extend the batch time to more than 30 days to wait for more orders as this would be unfair for customers who have been waiting for the confirmed batch closure date.

How do I place my order in the batch pre-order and when will I receive the lenses?

  • Firstly, have a look at our wide range of GEO lens collection at our online Pre-Order Catalogue.
    Please look carefully at the lenses that can be prescribed and the lenses that are only available in PLANO 0.00 (denoted with a 'P'). 

  • Once you have decided on the lenses you wish to order, you can fill in a Batch Pre-Order Form.
    If you qualify for any batch promotions, you do not need to state that in your order as we will apply that to your order when automatically we send you the invoice total. The discount code box can only be applied to orders that do not qualify for any batch promotions for that current batch. You may choose to use the code in replacement of any batch promotions if the total comes to a lower price for your order.

  • When we receive your order form, we will send you a confirmation email with the total amount to be paid. If there are any problems with your order, such as an incomplete delivery address or incorrect prescription information, we will notify you by email for your response.

  • You may wish to make an advance payment to finalise your pre-order, or you can wait until 1-2 weeks before the batch closes when we contact all batch customers to complete payment for their purchases.

  • You may change your orders or payment method at anytime before the batch closing date but please allow at least 1 working day for any changes to be made before the final deadline. Changes in orders requested after the deadline cannot be rectified. However any changes to delivery addresses and personal information can be changed after orders are sent as these do not affect the batch order to the supplier. 

  • Non-paying customers will be sent reminders and emails for their payments within the last week before batch closure. If there are no response from them, their orders will be cancelled without further notice. Only fully paid orders will be sent to the manufacturer.

  • Once the batch ends, we will send off the orders within 1-2 working days. We shall email all batch customers any new updates regarding the delivery status of the lenses. The processing and delivery of the lenses from South Korea to UK takes approximately 2 weeks, customs clearance may take a few days to process once the parcel reaches UK.

  • All lenses are packaged with a free contact lens case for every pair that you have ordered, an 'Instruction for Use' leaflet, our flyer and a 10% discount code for your next purchase. The order is double packaged with 2 bubble envelopes to ensure the lenses arrive to you safely. All the batch order lenses are packaged and dispatched within 1-2 working days.