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Read BEFORE Purchase

Please note, we will need to see a prescription from your optician for prescribed lenses. This is for health and safety reasons.

Getting hold of your prescription:


Only an appropriately qualified / registered Contact Lens Optician can prescribe you contact lenses.

In order to get your contact lens prescription all you need to do is telephone your Optician and ask for it. They should be able to give you your prescription details over the phone.


If for some reason they can’t do this then ask them to email, fax or post your prescription to you. Your Optician has a legal duty to provide you with your contact lens prescription if you ask for it.


THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHARGE YOU FOR IT so please don’t pay your Optician for this service.


What should be on your prescription?


All contact lens prescriptions (no matter what type of lens) should contain all of the following items:

1.     The name and address of the patient

2.     Date of Birth (for people under the age of 16 on the date the prescription was issued)

3.     Name of the practice on whose premises the contact lens fitting was done

4.     Name and registration number (GOC number) of the Optician signing the specification

5.     Address of the Opticians practice issuing the prescription

6.     Start date of the prescription

7.     Expiry date of the prescription

8.     Manufacturer Brand Name of Contact Lens (e.g. CIBA Vision Focus Dailies)

9.     Power of Lens for Right Eye & Left Eye e.g. -3.5

10.  Base Curve for Right Eye & Left Eye e.g. 8.5

11.  Diameter for Right Eye & Left Eye e.g. 14.2


If you are having your prescription read out to you over the phone, please use the list above to make sure you’ve noted down all of the information you need. Also, always ask for a copy of your prescription to be sent to you (either by e mail, fax or in the post).

Once you have your prescription details, upload the document(s) in your personal account and you’re ready to order as many contact lenses as you want online!

Warning: Think you know your contact lens prescription details? If you’ve been wearing your contact lenses for a while the chances are that you’ll know the key parts of your prescription (e.g. the power of your lenses and the brand). However, your full prescription has some additional details which any supplier of contact lenses needs to verify with your Optician (e.g. the base curve, diameter etc…).