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Do you own a blog, personal website or YouTube channel?  

Want to receive sponsored lenses for reviews? 


Requirements for sponsorships: 


BLOGS/WEBSITES: 250+ followers and/or 2500+ visits per month, regular updates  

YOUTUBE: 1500+ subscribers, regular updates


We will be assessing your blog/sites for the interest to relevant target audience.

All applications are subject to approval.

Only one pair from your selection will be sent to you if you are chosen to review our lenses.


Once you have reached our requirements and have been verified by us, we will contact you again to have one of our promotional banners uploaded onto your blog/website linking to us at iwantcute.com. This will include a 10% discount code exclusive to your website for you and your readers.


After this is complete, we will dispatch the sponsored lenses to you free of charge. Once received, please email us (koreancontactlens@gmail.com) and let us know when the review is done and we shall feature it onto our blog too (blog.iwantcute.com).



Please include as much detail as you can about your website for us to consider your application, please include links to your blog/site/YouTube channel.



Email Address:
Location (Country):
Info about your Blog/Site/YouTube account: